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               Expert in Enterprise (WEB) Applications

We offer various services around the theme software engineering. Beside our training and consultations we support all stages of individual software projects. With close to 20 years experience, we will be the right partner to support you that your ideas become alive. We are specialized to all kind of web based applications.

Our technical expertise includes also important analysis about online marketing, process optimization, eCommerce strategies for business success, social networking and feasibility studies. Online shops for example have more issues, than just present products on a web page. For success you will need to think about topics like electronic inventory management or enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and so on. We will support you by choosing the right tools for your necessities.

May you already think about a transition to open source software usage in your company. We know important key factors for business usage and how a transition to a Linux workspace needs to be planned. We would be pleased to guide you through the process of choosing and maintain your software stack.

For existing projects we also offer code audits to improve quality, performance, user experience, maintenance and fast delivery.

Another important topic is business continuity. You have several strategies for your data backups, but you ever tried a dry run to restart your infrastructure? We have several checklists and know how to stress test your infrastructure, to see how well prepared is your current situation. Dangerous scenarios are not so unlikely you may think. A power stroke during a thunderstorm, a fire accident in house are just a few examples how important are strategies to keep your business running after a disaster occur.